What Would You Improve in Troy in 2013?

If you could make a New Year's resolution for Troy, what would it be?

More than 45 percent of Americans make a resolution every year, according to statisticbrain.com. Some people vow to live a healthier lifestyle, others promise to spend more time with family, and many say they will try to save money.

As millions of Americans make resolutions to improve their lives, what could we do right here in Troy to make it an even better place to live?

Would you like to see the school district improve? Bring more businesses into town? Improve the community parks or events?

We asked our Facebook page friends their resolutions for Troy and they responded with the following ideas:

  • "I'd like to see police liaisons back in the high schools" - Lynn Hodorek
  • "Our schools" - Erica Roberts Fonck
  • "People getting along; less divisiveness" - Sandra Lynn Gross
  • "Less drama about the Mayor... More third shift road work and signal maintenance, rather than crews closing two out of three lanes along Big Beaver and other main travel-ways at noon" - Kristen Amaro Forster
  • "More snow plowing" - Chad Johnson

What about you? What is on your Troy wish list? What is one thing you would improve in 2013?

Tell us in the comment section below or blog about why you love living here!

Wiley Coyote December 29, 2012 at 01:50 AM
I'd deport Troy's Taliban, the TCU, to Afghanistan, where they could be happy living with other people who think just like them.
Dale Murrish December 29, 2012 at 03:51 AM
Wiley, why don't you drop the Troy Taliban insult and use your real name? TCU is not a terrorist group, nor do they want a theocracy. The members of TCU use their own names, do not want keep women from getting an education, attack American citizens, train terrorists, etc. Your anonymous comments do nothing to advance civil discussion in our town.
canseeallsides December 29, 2012 at 04:21 AM
We can all encourage businesses and administration in Troy Michigan to respect peaceful residential neighbors and abate any known nuisances.
Cathy Fucinari December 29, 2012 at 02:00 PM
That was a nickname given to that group by L. Brooks Patterson. A Republican comment on the Gosselin-type pols here in Troy. As to the members of TCU using their own names, etc, you are more naive than I thought.
Dale Murrish December 29, 2012 at 05:06 PM
Great, Cathy. Just because a Republican uses an inappropriate nickname (once?) gives you and others license to repeat it ad nauseum. Maybe he has apologized for his use of that nickname. Patterson's animus for social conservatives is well known. Go ahead and keep using it. It shows your true colors. Guilt by association, typical tactics of the left. Republicans can disagree on some issues and still work together on others. Democrats try to silence social conservatives. When was the last time a pro-life Democrat spoke at the Democratic convention? I've never used a pseudonym or made comments with a common first name, nor taken down a post (don't even know how). That was why I called some commenters Patch skunks, who do such things. Sometimes their silence speaks volumes when asked a direct question. I give you credit for at least using your name, Cathy, so everyone knows who you are. We can agree to disagree. Hard to find common ground with an anonymous blogger, though.
Wiley Coyote December 29, 2012 at 11:33 PM
Dale, the truth is, since TCU came into being, Troy has become an epic disaster of political dirty dealing, hate-mongering and lies told as "truth." You don't see it that way, fine. Plenty of other people do, not just here but around the world. Own it. You're part of it. My post was in jest, but I'd bet more than a few agree with me. People like TCU are why Michigan is now being called Michissippi. Lovely.
Dale Murrish December 30, 2012 at 01:06 AM
Another geographic slam. Bet people in Mississippi love that, Wiley. When will it stop? "around the world". "World opinion" is largely left-leaning. Only in America is there a strong foothold for conservative thought. Plenty of misrepresentations on both sides. My view is the Left tells the Big Lie and nitpicks conservatives, while conservatives largely tell the truth.
Dale Murrish December 30, 2012 at 02:00 AM
I'd like to see people agree to disagree without being disagreeable. Troy's politics are poisonous, with two entrenched camps throwing rocks at each other. If they knew each other, had shared a meal together, etc. it might be better. Ellen Hodorek meeting with Steve Tegge and some others over coffee was a food start. I'd like to see more of that - civil discussion of ideas. We all want the same good things for our town, just have different ideas about the best way to achieve them. I'm cautiously optimistic, but conservatives have a long memory, and the mayoral recall campaign was really nasty and fraught with lies from the get-go. The left has some major rebuilding to do before there will be any trust from our side. The smear campaign against Martin Howrylak was over the top. Attacking someone's family is beyond the pale. We'll forgive and move on, but we'll want to see some real change before we start trusting people again. Let's focus on the positive and build on common ground where there is agreement.
Daffy Noodnicks December 30, 2012 at 03:38 AM
"Guilt by association, typical tactics of the left..." That sentence is incredibly hilarious. Remarkable hypocrisy in 9 words even for Dale Murrish. The illogical, unreasonable, misplaced sweeping generalizations go without saying. After all, Dale wrote it so of course they are there abundantly. But decrying guilt by association and uttering guilt by association in the same breath? In a vast sea of guilt by association? That is AWESOME. Nicely done.
Daffy Noodnicks December 30, 2012 at 03:42 AM
Dale: How do you know who attacked whose family? And TCU does not represent repubs or conservatives. And neither does Dale Murrish. They represent a thin veneer of anti government, anti tax radicals and that's all. Speak for yourself Dale, you don't represent anyone else.
Daffy Noodnicks December 30, 2012 at 03:47 AM
Dale: you have some nerve to talk about lies and the recall campaign. You are responsible for many awful lies including saying the former mayor told the truth about gay people. What did the recall lie about? Everything was extensively documented. You and the no recall people are well documented liars. Don't wag your finger about throwing stones while throwing them yourself. It exposes your glaring hypocrisy.
Toby Gosselin December 30, 2012 at 02:27 PM
I would like to see metal detectors installed at City Hall in 2013. Citizens United and the Troy clan are proven social misfits; like-minded characters who enjoy the freedom of the internet to spin their story of anti-govt,hate and prejudice. Hopefully 2013 will be a good year for Troy as voters pay attention, ask questions and filter through the tricks and lies sure to come from the vile group we know too well. Next time a resident choses to pull tricks out of a paper bag at a council meeting,let's be sure it's not a fire arm.
Ellen Hodorek December 30, 2012 at 07:13 PM
I see a reference to my name and a coffee above; I am more than happy to meet again. One important underpinning to a civil discussion is that it's based on the facts of the issues and opportunities here in Troy. Partisanship and a sense that City Hall is the enemy must be set aside. That discussion over coffee was very friendly, but not everyone came grounded in the facts of the matter. I heard a lot of "it seems like;" that's a prescription for illogical chatter. Solid, pragmatic ideas will come out of discussions rooted in true understanding of the challenges. We might all start by making sure we watch and understand the budget sessions and gain an understanding of municipal finance. I was the only person at that coffee with that understanding and the only one with a sense of how the investment I've made in this community is being wasted. The true way to improve the conversation in Troy and my wish for the community in the New Year: that those speaking up the loudest make sure they have done their homework on their own so that they are not spewing misinformation. I also pray that the extreme-right partisan political games would stop and give way to responsible, knowledgeable fiscal conservative decision making. The great news: I'm seeing more and more of that from the council table; I applaud everyone on council for this. I'm also seeing more and more discernment from residents. This is truly terrific. A huge positive going into 2013.
Dale Murrish December 30, 2012 at 07:51 PM
Toby, if you're referring to the apples I brought from home in an open paper bag as a "trick", they were a visual aid for my speech. Some thought they were an effective way to make the point about different political preferences for different people. I'm an honest citizen, just like you. Just have a different point of view, that's all. I believe in limited government, which nowadays means smaller, more efficient government. I shook hands with the police chief at one council meeting; he knows me by sight, as do most of the council members.
Dale Murrish December 30, 2012 at 08:03 PM
Daffy, for more on the Howrylak hit piece and the shadowy group the authored it, go back and read http://troy.patch.com/blog_posts/troy-turmoil-lets-play-bridge especially the sections entitled A whole new category for Poison Politics and Behind the scenes... The entire recall campaign was well documented but based on biased information, including a misleading petition: http://troy.patch.com/blog_posts/questions-for-matt-binkowski-on-troy-mayoral-recall It's over, and Troy needs to move forward. I agree with Ellen's last post. The others at the coffee summit may not have been as familiar with budget details as she was, but the fact remains that budgets are one big pot and we must work together to balance revenue and expenses. Conservatives are generally opposed to having a separate line item tax for each expense, because it tends to grow the size and scope of government.
Daffy Noodnicks December 30, 2012 at 08:21 PM
Dale: Citing your own unbalanced opinion blog ramblings proves NOTHING except your extremely biased, non-fact based opinion. It was nonsense when you wrote it, it still is. There is no evidence anyone 'liberal' or from 'the left' sent that mailing. In fact there was some natural law party racist campaigning in the area. It seems more likely a racist mailing would come from someone like that rather than someone on the left since the left is generally known for sensitivity to racial issues. Because YOU call something biased does not make it so. You are well known for going to any lengths to justify the former mayor's terrible behavior. Your opinion on bias is meaningless, being hopelessly closed minded and biased yourself. Your other opinion piece you cite was an even bigger pile of nonsense, as was extensively revealed the comment to the same. If it's over and we need to move forward, then stop bringing it up and making false allegations. Again, you don't speak for 'conservatives'.
John December 30, 2012 at 09:22 PM
A new city attorney with honesty and integrity returned to the office which has been so misused to preserve the strength of a few at the expense of so many others. Ms. Bluhm should step down or be lot go!
John December 30, 2012 at 09:39 PM
Looks like I am not the only one wanting Ms Bluhm dismissed. She has a facebook page in her honor "Fire Lori Bluhm"
Toby Gosselin December 31, 2012 at 01:47 PM
JOHN-JOHN...who ever you are....get over it. You are neither judge or jury. Lori Grigg Bluhm is a shining star..a proven dedicated, public servant doing an impeccable, transparent job with dignity, grace and experience,
Chris P. December 31, 2012 at 01:56 PM
Please explain your budget is one big pot "fact." I'm not understanding your point. I know that Bob Gosselin, Wade Fleming, Martin Howrylak, Dave Henderson were advocating spending down Fund Balance. Is that what you're referring to, Dale? Gosselin refers to it as a "Slush Fund."
Dale Murrish January 02, 2013 at 09:59 PM
In 2011 Troy Patch editor Kevin Elliott wrote about the new conservative majority on Troy’s council, linked from one of my “extremely biased, non-fact based opinion blog ramblings.” http://troy.patch.com/articles/troy-city-council-mayoral-election-creates-shift-in-ideology “In fact there was some natural law party racist campaigning in the area” is a rather mild non-condemnation of the racist comments against Martin Howrylak’s wife from his political opponents. Not quite as bad as others claiming it helped his campaign or Mayor Slater, who needed some friendly editing to make his mild “there, there, now” reaction into a more appropriate response to the resident’s complaint at the council meeting. http://troy.patch.com/blog_posts/best-wishes-to-mayor-slater I don’t agree with using a negative term like slush fund by some conservatives for the city’s savings account. We should be able to have a reasonable discussion of projected future income and expenses without charged language. Tarring all conservatives with that brush when some of them have never used that term is a bit odd, but typical.
Dale Murrish January 02, 2013 at 10:00 PM
However, look how many negative terms are used in comments from the left in this single article, calling me “hopelessly closed minded and biased,” and Toby suggesting “proven social misfits” might be carrying a “fire arm in their bag of tricks.” And Wiley Coyote with his own intolerance: “epic disaster of political dirty dealing, hate-mongering and lies told as "truth." People like TCU are why Michigan is now being called Michissippi. Lovely.” It’s being called Michissippi by lovely, hateful? people on the left. Physician, heal thyself before you throw rocks at others! Daffy/Matt, tell me what lie I have told and I will retract it. Until then, please quit calling me a “well documented liar.”
Dale Murrish January 02, 2013 at 10:01 PM
Chris, one big pot means that all revenue sources, whether they are property taxes for local government, state taxes like sales tax, income tax and voluntary taxes for the statistically illiterate like the state lottery, go into one big pot. IMO, lotteries are an immoral way for the state to raise revenue, since they take advantage of people with false advertising (Good things happen for education when you play the lottery, etc.). Only about half the money taken in is paid out as prizes. No casino would stay in business if it offered those kinds of odds. Most people know that Michigan’s education budget was reduced elsewhere when the lottery was started. Metro Detroit residents just passed a special millage for “free” entrance to the DIA (a worthwhile endeavor, except that it’s a separate tax, which grows the size and scope of government). That’s what I meant by one big pot. It’s vital to have a big picture view in mind before you start digging into the important details of balancing budgets. Especially in today’s climate where America is overspending by 40% and borrowing from the next generation. That’s why I opposed the Troy transit center as unnecessary spending, along with most of the other conservatives on the council.
Daffy Noodnicks January 02, 2013 at 10:33 PM
For one: you said the former mayor told the truth about gay people. That was a horrible lie. I could go on and on, I don't have the time or inclination. I am not the left and the are not the right. I don't have a problem with conservative or the right. I have a problem with you.
Daffy Noodnicks January 02, 2013 at 11:10 PM
Citing one other person's opinion does not make you correct. I never saw the mailing you keep bringing up, so I won't discuss what I don't know (unlike yourself). If my condemnation does not meet your standards, too bad, I don't exist to please you. You justifying the fromer mayors awful comments pales in comparison to anything I have ever said. I was not adressing the mailing, I was adressing your comments and the fact that you have no idea who sent it
Dale Murrish January 03, 2013 at 10:50 PM
Daffy/Matt, so far you’ve only proved you’re better at name-calling than me, dismissing my references to “Faux News” articles and other “hopelessly biased” news sources as religious dogma. While ignoring other references that you disagree with. I haven’t called you any names or accused you of anything other than using multiple pseudonyms, which you did on Sharon’s blog while misrepresenting my religious beliefs. We have different worldviews and differ on many political issues. We do agree on some things. So please drop the personal attacks and either retract your statement or take a few minutes to find and paste one of my numerous “horrible lies” so I can defend it instead of repeating the vague accusation from your memory. Your memory is colored by the glasses you’re wearing when you view what I write. I think I have consistently told the truth. You just disagree with my opinions and interpretations of the facts.
Daffy Noodnicks January 03, 2013 at 11:37 PM
Dale: I will never be as good at name calling as you, because all you do is say "liberal, liberal, liberal...conservative, conservative, conservative" Illogical sweeping generalizations that have nothing to do with anything except name calling. You constantly dismiss anything you don't agree with as "liberal" or "from the left" even if it is correct; an illogical use of the association fallacy. I can back up everything I say with real scientific evidence. Opinion is not eveidence. Citing yourself is really shoddy writing. What would you like me to prove? That the earth isnt 10,000 years old? That DDT isn't banned for controlling mosquitos? I said you have no idea who sent the mailing: you still don't although you condemn "liberals" for sending it with no proof. You said the recall was "fraught with lies". A false accusation toward people who supported the recall. YOU called ME a liar first. That was name calling. It's clear you think everyone who disagrees with you is 'liberal' or 'left' (who you attribute bad things to) so when you do your name calling, you are painting everyone who disagrees with you with a wide brush. I never used multiple pseudonyms. What the heck are you talking about? Another false accusation? As I have said previously (more than once), in the letter you sent to the Oakland Press about the recall you stated plainly the former mayor told the truth about gay people. That was not true. It was an antigay falsehood, and an offensive one.
Daffy Noodnicks January 04, 2013 at 02:28 AM
I didn't call your sources hoplelessly biased, I called you hopelessly biased. I will absolutely cop to that. I will make a deal with you: stop pretending you speak for 'conservatives' and stop calling everyone who disagrees with you 'liberals' or the 'left', and I will stop pointing out your hypocrisy. When your 'interpretations' ignore actual factual evidence to the contrary, they become dishonest. That is not disagreement about interpretation, that is you ignoring reality.
Dale Murrish January 10, 2013 at 02:17 AM
Daffy/Matt: You’ve never posted under multiple pseudonyms? Go back and read your posts as Anonymous on Sharon MacDonell’s blog twisting my religious views and then my explanation underneath it. Anonymous August 11, 2012 10:02 AM “I post under the pseudonym Daffy Noodnicks on the Patch. The pseudonym is part commentary, but mostly a very small attempt at humor.” We had a long discussion about DDT and I don’t think you ever took time to read my references from WORLD magazine, much less try to understand my reasoning. Early on, you corrected an error or two, but you disagreed with the logic used to draw my conclusions, a matter of opinion. My Oakland Press letter said Mayor Daniels told the truth about homosexuality. She and others have backed that up with statistics on the dangers of gay male sex. It was not at all the main point of the letter. I looked at other Patch articles for more “horrible lies” I told about gays while supporting Mayor Daniels. The nearest thing I could find was: “Mayor Daniels has done nothing illegal, just opposed wasteful spending and made a politically incorrect statement, which she has apologized for. Her written and verbal apology was refused and her opponents continue to attack her, calling her names like incompetent, narrow-minded bigot, all unprovable false charges.” Please find and post another of my “horrible lies” or retract your statement. I don’t appreciate having my reputation smeared.
Daffy Noodnicks January 10, 2013 at 03:35 AM
Dale: I did not set up a user for the 3 posts I made to Sharons blog. I signed each post and never misrepresented who I was. Dave Henderson does the same thing. On DDT you asserted millions died due to malaria because of the ban on DDT. I explained in some detail how that was absolutely wrong. It has never been banned for that purpose and that is an absolute fact. It is banned in most places for application on agricultural crops for very good reasons. I do not have the time or inclination to check every one of your sources. The few I did check were absolutely wrong. You clinging to this false information says a lot. This is not a matter of opinion: it is a real fact. I brought up your letter to the Oakland Press because the antigay lie you told there caused me to lose any shred of respect for you. The former mayor said she would bring a panel of psychiatrists who would say the 'gay lifestyle' was dangerous. She said nothing about gay male sex (your assertion of which is also an antigay lie). Show me a credible medical source that says otherwise (not falsely manipulated by some group of antigay zealots like the AFA). You also stated the recall was "fraught with lies" which was a lie in itself and a false accusation of people like myself that supported the recall. I don't appreciate being falsely accused by someone like you who plays so fast and loose with facts. That is why I called you on it. I don't appreciate you smearing everyone who disagrees with you.


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