Meet the Verlanders: What Would You Ask About Justin?

The parents of the Tigers' ace will be at Somerset Friday to talk about their book 'Rocks Across the Pond.'


Have a burning question for Justin Verlander but may just be a bit intimidated by his game-face stare from the pitcher's mound or his 100-plus mph fastball?

Just ask his parents. Kathy and Richard Verlander will visit the Somerset Collection’s Detroit Shoppe on Friday from 4 – 7 p.m., as part of the “Detroit Baseball Day” festivities. According to a news release, the Verlanders will sign copies of their new book Rocks Across the Pond. The story is a first-hand look of the journey from aspiring baseball player to the pinnacle of success at the major-league level, from a parent's perspective.

"From little league to the World Series, the book details two decades spent by the Verlanders, raising their sons Justin and Ben, who have experienced great successes both on and off the field," the news release stated.

Verlander, 29, is the ace of the Tigers pitching staff, a perennial all-star and a former Rookie of the Year (2006) and Cy Young Award winner (2011).

Of Interest:

The book was written in hopes that other parents raising young athletes can gain something from the Verlanders’ experience. They also tried to capture the moments that stood out from their path, knowing that baseball is a great metaphor for life and provides lessons that last a lifetime.

Rocks Across the Pond is available for $29.95.

The “Detroit Baseball Day” will also include ballpark-style hot dogs and Faygo pop, which are free with the purchase of Rocks Across the Pond, and complimentary popcorn for all guests. Baseball fans can also watch clips of Justin Verlander’s 2007 “no hitter” game, while listening to classic Ernie Harwell broadcasts.  

The Detroit Shoppe is located at Somerset Collection North on the second level.  All proceeds from sales at the Detroit Shoppe benefit Detroit charities.

So, if given the chance, what would you want to know about Detroit's still-rising superstar from those that may know him best?


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