Beaumont, Troy Opens Inpatient Rehab Unit

The new unit includes 12 private rooms; a fully equipped rehabilitation gym; a full-size car; and a complete apartment setting to help patients restore their activities of daily living.

Beaumont Hospital, Troy has opened a new Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit offering a complete range of rehabilitation services in a 20,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art setting.

The new unit, opened Dec. 17, is located on the 7th floor in the west tower of Beaumont, Troy. It includes 12 private rooms; a fully equipped rehabilitation gym; a full-size  car; and a complete apartment setting to help patients restore their activities of daily living, including driving.

“This new facility provides a dedicated multidisciplinary space to help patients regain function to enhance their quality of life,” says John Maltese, M.D., director of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Beaumont, Troy and medical director of the Rehabilitation Unit. “The care team consists of physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, recreational therapists, care coordinators, social workers and a 24/7 rehabilitation nursing staff.”

To be admitted to the Inpatient Rehabilitation program, patients must meet certain admission requirements, based on their medical condition, medical history, and their ability to participate in up to three hours of intense daily physical and occupational therapy. Patients must be 18 years or older. Conditions commonly treated in an inpatient rehabilitation setting include traumatic injuries, stroke, spinal disorders, brain disorders, as well as patients recovering from surgery or cancer treatment.

“In addition to offering superior clinical care, our team works together to address the emotional needs that patients face during the rehabilitation process, especially those who may have experienced a life-changing event,” says Frances Borg, administrative nurse manager of the unit. “Individualized plans of care will help patients achieve their optimal physical potential. Family members are encouraged to visit and become actively involved in their loved one’s healing process through caregiver education.”

As part of Beaumont’s environmentally friendly initiatives, the signage, artwork and most of the furnishings on the unit were manufactured within 500 miles of the Troy hospital – most in Michigan. This helps the local economy and reduces energy use and air pollution because of less time spent in transport. To improve indoor air quality, the unit’s furniture, flooring and plastic laminate are Greenguard Certified, ensuring the product has met rigorous standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds. The paint and flooring adhesives are also low VOC. The unit’s no-wax flooring doesn’t require stripping or buffing, reducing the release of dust and particulates into the air.

For more information, go to www.beaumont.edu or call the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit at 248-964-7900.


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