Troy Chamber President Michele Hodges Resigns to Lead Belle Isle Group

Hodges has been with the Troy Chamber of Commerce for 11 years; the Chamber is now searching for Hodges' replacement.

The following information is from a press release submitted by the Troy Chamber of Commerce.

The Troy Chamber of Commerce is commencing a formal search process for a new president after Michele Hodges, who has served as president for the past 11 years, resigned to accept a newly-created position as president of the Belle Isle Conservancy in Detroit.  

“I am incredibly thankful for the friendships, opportunities and experiences I have enjoyed at the Chamber," Hodges said about her 11 years at the Troy Chamber. "I couldn’t be more proud of our accomplishments together, as a team, and as a community that sincerely cares about the creation of a vital, healthy future.  I wish the people of Troy the greatest success, and always will look fondly upon the time I spent here.”

Hodges will remain in her role at the Chamber until early January 2013 to help ensure a smooth transition, according to Chamber board member John Tagle, of John Tagle Architects, who is chairing the search committee.

Joining Tagle on the search committee are Chamber board members Scott Foster, president of Wellco Corporation, and Stephanie Bergeron, president of Walsh College. 

“Michele Hodges has shown great leadership as Troy Chamber president, and we are most grateful for the way she addressed opportunities and challenges that helped move forward the Chamber’s mission to help create long-term economic vibrancy, vitality and stability for Troy’s business community,” said Peter Arvant, Stark Reagan, P.C., the Chamber’s 2013 board chairman.

Search Committee Chair Tagle said: “Her replacement will have big shoes to fill, but it is a wonderful opportunity and I am sure we will have many excellent candidates to consider.”

According to Tagle, an orderly transition will occur thanks to Hodges’ agreement to remain with the Chamber until a yet-to-be-set date in early January. Among key issues currently being addressed by the Chamber is in its development of a business model to support operating expenses at the Troy Multi-Modal Transit Facility

Tagle is the Chamber board’s point person on that project as well.  “We will continue the business-model initiative without missing a beat and Michele’s involvement over the next several weeks will help ensure that occurs,” Tagle said.

The Belle Isle Conservancy focuses on issues of historic preservation, restoration and preservation of the natural environment, planning/funding improvements, recreational activities and marketing strategies for the park. 

The Troy Chamber represents approximately 700 businesses and serves as Troy's primary business information resource. Through hundreds of meetings and programs each year, it  works to help Troy businesses get and stay connected.

Anonymous December 08, 2012 at 05:16 AM
Well, I hope she secured all the Troy businesses who she claimed were going to help with the upkeep of the transit center. I have to agree with Peoplearenuts, who's going to keep the parking lot and bathrooms clean, empty the trash? She stood in front of council with Troy business leaders behind her who claimed they were going to do this. Funny that she's now leaving. Also, shouldn't a president of a City's Chamber reside in that city? I believe she resides in Grosse Pointe which is Wayne County so working the for the Belle Isle Conservancy is in the county she lives in.
jack December 08, 2012 at 06:41 AM
I find it amazing how all of you people fell for her sales pitch. Isn't it a coincidence that she is leaving just after the "groundbreaking"? She got her $, now she is gone. And, do you really believe that a bunch of elves are going to come in every night, clean it up, ask the homeless to leave, etc.? No, our police will be there at least once every day, due to muggings, purse snatchings, car jackings, and dealing with unruly homeless people. Since everyone fell for this, I plan on selling some very valuable swamp land to the Troy taxpayers at a very reasonable $6M - I will maintain it after you buy it.
Eva December 08, 2012 at 02:26 PM
Jack, sounds like a day at Oakland Mall and Somerset Collection.
Robert Jewell December 10, 2012 at 01:20 AM
What a shame that this bright and inteligent lady is leaving her position in our city. I wish her well in her future endevours. I am sure Belle isle will benefit by her expertise, and it will be a better place for us all to visit, perhaps by train!~
Really December 10, 2012 at 03:50 PM
It's just Police that aren't covered. All of the maintenance work, parking lots, bathroom cleaning and what not are Amtrak and MDOT's responsibilities. No Troy funds are used for those items, nor are those people employed by the City. This conspirosy nonsense is just sad. Her job wasn't contingent on the transit center. It's also illegal to require residency for employment. Do all of you live where you work? There are over 100K people working in Troy on any given day, they don't have to live here. These are sad and uninformed comments.


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