Ed Kempen for City Council

As the next highest vote-getter in the November 2011 election, Ed Kempen is the people’s clear choice for the replacement council member.

Unless the entire November, 2011 election is overturned as I had feared was the agenda of Mayor Daniels’ opponents, Ed Kempen is the logical choice for the replacement council member and swing vote.

Recent events in Troy should make it clear to all that there is a 3-3 tie as the ideological differences surfaced. Half the council voted to accept the binding recommendation of the Secretary of State and half voted to block this and potentially hold the Troy Charter above Michigan’s state election law. Whether the state sues Troy for violation of the law remains to be seen.

The three conservatives on council were OK with any of the three candidates being appointed mayor as long as a fiscal conservative was named to replace him or her. Unless the voters’ wishes last year are disregarded, that council member should be Ed Kempen.

Why Kempen?

Analyzing the election results from November 2011 makes it easy to discern what the voters intended. Voter turnout was normal for a city council election as the voters chose a 4-3 conservative majority where it had been 5-2 liberal. (I apologize for using the terms liberal and conservative to refer to our “non-partisan” council if it offends people; note that journalists use them too to save space.)

Of the candidates who ran for council, Jim Campbell got 6554 votes. Normalizing his vote count to 100, Doug Tietz got 116.3% and Dave Henderson 109.2%. Of those who weren’t elected, Ed Kempen got 99.1%, Bruce Bloomingdale 93.0% and Neil Yashinsky 77.2%. Other candidates not backed by the major factions in Troy got far less.

Appointing someone who did not run a campaign for council and does not meet the approval of all three conservatives would be a slap in the face to those who bothered to vote last November. It also disregards the wishes of the 48% of Troy voters who voted to keep Mayor Daniels after a year-long 100% negative campaign to oust her.

Library Games

Voters in 2011 were clearly tired of the games that were played by the liberal majority on the council, holding the city hostage over the library. The mayoral race in particular was the biggest upset in recent history, where a political newcomer defeated a twelve year council member.

Budgets are one big pot and the council chose to let the library close rather than rework the budget to follow the voters’ clear wishes in previous elections: public safety first, then the library, then other services.

November 12 Council Meeting

There was an audible gasp when I nominated Ed Kempen for council Monday night. From Patch comments, it seems that most people were OK with Wade Fleming for mayor. Maureen McGinnis would have been my second choice; she showed class by stepping aside as Dane Slater pushed his way forward as the impasse was broken. We’ll see how he does if the state doesn’t sue the city for violating the law.

Since several people have accused me of calling former leaders crabapples (not true), I’m reprinting my speech so people can comment on what was actually said, not what they heard through their filters. The apple analogy meant no disrespect to anyone, merely pointed out people’s preferences.

Words Twisted into Pretzels

It’s tiring having my words twisted into pretzels by people who just want to win arguments. Some dismiss all my opinions as “radical right wing,” even though I’ve supported motorcycle helmet laws, public ownership of infrastructure, opposed all five of the recent constitutional amendments in agreement with the Detroit Free Press, and oppose lotteries as a regressive tax on the poor.

My purpose in offering opinions is to get people to think; in particular, to challenge those on the left that there is another valid point of view besides theirs.

I am learning more about other points of view and understanding them better. If we all understood each other better, knowing that we want the same good things for our community, it would be a huge step towards healing the wounds we have in Troy.

So with that as preamble, here is what was actually said Monday night:

Keep Crabapples out of the Applesauce

"Good evening. I’m here to nominate Wade Fleming for mayor and Ed Kempen to replace him on city council. I’m using first names in places to not waste everyone’s time and follow FDR’s advice: Be brief, be sincere, and be seated. I’ll save my extra words for blog posts for critics to throw rocks at.

My first choice would have been Doug Tietz or Dave Henderson as in the email I sent to the council. However, Dave sent an email back explaining that he and Doug would have to cut their terms short by three years and run a campaign next November. Troy has had enough extra campaigns and doesn’t need to cut short the terms of good people."

Wade Fleming for Mayor

"So that leaves Wade Fleming to preserve the current power balance: a conservative mayor and city spokesman with a conservative council majority. Mayor Daniels served us well, bringing a new focus on things that make for healthy communities. Past mayors have not been as engaged in doing that, but she has drawn nothing but criticism since the day she took office a year ago, with 100% negative opposition and generally negative coverage by the media.

The vicious comments by her opponents on the Patch after they won her removal by a slim margin validate my statement that this was a modern-day witch hunt."

Time to move on

"But Troy needs to move on and heal. The two recall supporters I spoke with on Election Day while campaigning for Martin Howrylak said that all but a few would support someone who will stick to city business. So only the hard core liberals will object to my nomination of Wade Fleming for mayor and former council candidate Ed Kempen to replace him on council.

I’d be OK with Maureen McGinnis or (Dane Slater -  You lost my support with that comment. Hit pieces like that don’t “have to happen.” If Mary Kerwin had agreed to run a clean campaign it wouldn’t have happened.)"

(See previous article for more details on this. )

"as mayor if the recall margin was more than 60%, which would have been a rejection of Mayor Daniels’ policies and not the mere personal attack that it was. To be fair to the 48% who voted to keep her the current balance of power must be preserved. There is also a large benefit to incumbency for whoever is appointed mayor – that’s the reason we have term limits.

Wade Fleming has demonstrated his willingness to work across the aisle; in fact, many in town are unhappy that he worked past the December deadline for approving the transit center. This project did not have the universal support that was portrayed."

Applesauce Analogy

"To make the best applesauce or cider you need different varieties of apples. My personal favorites are Golden Delicious (Janice Daniels & Wade Fleming), Gala (Doug Tietz) and MacIntosh (Dave Henderson). Although many people like them, we don’t have any Red Delicious apples in our fridge (Maureen McGinnis, Dane Slater, Robin Beltramini, Jim Campbell and Mary Kerwin) or Granny Smiths (Louise Schilling & Jeanne Stine). (That refers to the tartness of their criticism and their power plays, not their age.)

This was a bad year for apples in Michigan, but Troy had a bumper crabapple crop. We can’t let the crabapples from either side of the orchard spoil our applesauce. Those from the left side won the removal of our mayor, but not by enough to warrant the power shift they want. We have a few of our own crabapples, but nothing like the left. Thanks very much."


Troy politics may be contentious at the moment since we have two healthy factions with nearly a 50-50 split, but they are nothing compared to past American politics, especially regarding slavery.

I recommend seeing the new Lincoln movie, which profiles the debate surrounding the passage of the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery. It is pretty accurate historically, without an obvious underlying agenda.

People can walk away keeping their preconceived notions, but everyone will learn something and be entertained without having their values assaulted. The audience even applauded after the movie ended!

This post is contributed by a community member. The views expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Patch Media Corporation. Everyone is welcome to submit a post to Patch. If you'd like to post a blog, go here to get started.

Rhonda Hendrickson November 25, 2012 at 04:58 AM
NO WAY. Ed Kempen perpetrated a fraud on the citizens of this city when he put out a fraudulent petition using the Friends of the Troy Public Library's good name and reputation to lie and confuse voters. How dare he think he had the right to steal the Friends name for his ugly political gain. I don't give a hoot what position he came in as the loser of an election. With that logic, Robin Beltramini should be named mayor with Daniels out. Kempen admitted he knew nothing of library operations or budgets, or how to pay for the library and yet lied to voters about his false petition to scuttle the Proposal 1 millage that would have provided us with a 7 day library. He and his buddies even intimidated voters at polling places on election day with the false petition. I can guarantee you, that there are MANY people in this community, especially library supporters that have not forgotten that and will work every bit as hard to see that he holds no political position in this city. The city council is NON-PARTISAN, Mr. Murrish. What part of our charter don't you understand or are turning a blind eye to to satisfy your own narrative? There is no "power balance" to maintain. The people at that table need to be worried about the City of Troy and it's citizens, not their personal positions and power grabs. To suggest otherwise, exposes everything you don't seem to understand about municipal governance. And that appears to be plenty.
Daffy Noodnicks November 25, 2012 at 01:12 PM
It is so refreshing to give a post of Mr. Murrish's the regard he has earned: none. You can just look at the title and know its not worth your time. Ed Kempen? Author of purposely misleading ballot proposals? Great idea. That will really bring the city together and start the healing.
Sharon November 25, 2012 at 01:29 PM
If you care about the future of Troy, you know we need a person who is willing to consider all sides and vote in the interest of Troy, not in the interest of the Murrish-supported Bob Gosselin political machine. People kept telling me I should have tried to talk to Janice Daniels to find resolution. I did once, and what did I get? She ignored me and he ran up to tack at me and get me away from her. Kempen is just another Gosselin lackey. Dale, do you take your marching orders from Gosselin, too? Hate to see you smell of sulfur, too...
Stacy November 25, 2012 at 01:53 PM
All I can say to Ed Kempen being nominated to council is no, No and NO! The same for Bruce Bloomingdale, Neil Yashinsky and Robin Beltramini. The people of Troy not only need a person with knowledge and integrity (not saying those mentioned do not, but some have proven to have more than others). But mostly, they need a person with absolutely NO affiliation with any of the grassroot organizations that have taken a stranglehold on the city of Troy, regardless which side you root for. The city will never move forward as long as this political divide continues in a nonpartisan city. There needs to be someone nonpartisan and that person does exist in this great city. That should be councils #1 priority when choosing the council replacement. NONPARTISAN, NONPARTISAN, NONPARTISAN!!!!! In regards to Mr. Murrish's consideration of past council candidates, my suggestion is to approach the council candidates who received the least amount of votes in previous elections. Those persons showed a willingness to serve, have knowledge and obviously had no grassroot organizations supporting or opposing their candidacy. The political merri-go-round in Troy needs to stop, it's so tiring and we are all getting dizzy. It's all become so unappealing, unflattering and very unprofessional.
Sharon November 25, 2012 at 02:59 PM
The simple truth is, the 7th chair WILL be taken by someone who is appealing to everyone, because these 6 people must come to an agreement. Ed Kempen and other ideologues on any side will not be able to get the votes required -- a simple majority. The goal of this council, and I'm sure they inderstand it, is to find someone who pleases everyone.
Another fine blog post from the H. L. Mencken of Michigan! Truly, sir, you are the Sage of Troy! Why, sir, I agree! We need a man like Ed Kempen on city council! He's a man with integrity! He has so much integrity that he was willing to bring litigation against the city to enforce his ideas! When he sued to force the city to pay for the library with no new taxes, I knew I was looking at a man of God! When I learned of Ed Kempen, my plantar fasciitis was miraculously healed! I was able to rise from my Hoveround scooter and cheer "Bravo, sir!" I'm glad you said it, sir! I'm proud of you for acknowledging the truth! Troy's politics are best in a highly charged, partisan environment! It's the only way to send those liberals packing! We don't want liberals anywhere near Troy, with their "diversity" and "acceptance" and "evolution!" Balderdash! When my grandpappy volunteered for the Confederacy during the War of Northern Aggression, he was taking a doing the same as you and Mr. Kempen are now! Keeping the best dang country the way it was in the 18th century! Bravo, Sir! I apologize, sir! I have not been able to respond you your fine writings for some time now, as my sixth wife, Ekaterina, stole the battery to my Hoveround chair and locked me in the garage for some time now. But have no fear! The divorce and deportations proceedings are in full swing! Back to Russia with her!
Catherine Cooper Bauer November 25, 2012 at 11:49 PM
It certainly was a rejection of Mayor Daniels’ policies and her actions! NO MORE TEA PARTY....
S.L. Gross November 26, 2012 at 03:54 AM
Dr. Wolfpuncher, people keep forgetting that Kempen LIED. He accused the library of wasting $100,000 on building a drive-up book return. THERE WAS NO DRIVE-UP BOOK RETURN! He lied. It DIDN'T exist. I don't understand folks who can see that the sky is blue but still insist that is it red. And what about the people who believe them? Dr., I don't think the gap these days is truly between the conservative and liberals. It's actually between liars and truth-seekers. And the liars are sending this country to hell in a hand basket.
Cathy Fucinari November 26, 2012 at 02:42 PM
Dale, you have no interest in what is right for this city. In spite of the damage already done to this city by this individual, You just want your way. Not a consensus. Not agreement. Just your way. Appalling!
Really November 26, 2012 at 09:06 PM
Breaking news! Just got a call that Mr. Kempen is at the City Clerk's Office trying to file to run for Mayor in the February special election that doesn't exist. 4 or 5 of Ms. Daniles most ardent supporters (tongue firmly in cheek) are there videoing, and making a fuss while leading the charge of the angry old white men is none other than the master puppeteer, Robert Gosselin. Now that's a surprise, NOT!
Stacy November 26, 2012 at 09:44 PM
Please tell me you are joking!
Linda November 26, 2012 at 10:05 PM
This is just another Dale Murrish authored Fairy Tale. Words all wrapped up in one goal. Power! It doesn't matter if there is any truth in it. It doesn't matter if the citizens want respectable council members who have integrity. Dale knows all! Ask him - he'll tell you. After all, he knows the political affiliations of all council members, he knows who is best suited for council and on and one and one. Blah, blah, blah! His penned fiction is getting old.
Dale Murrish November 27, 2012 at 01:15 AM
It’s all one big budget pot, regardless of the expense or income source. The library could have been worked into the city budget if the former council had wanted to. Thanks for sharing your opinions, everyone. I care just as much about Troy as anyone and am thought to be an honest guy by those who know me. Opinionated, but honest. Having no desire to write Fantasy Fiction, I know when I’m outgunned by America’s Veterinarian. Satire is an effective tool when you’re trying to misrepresent someone else’s views writing under a pseudonym, though. I believe in America’s Constitution, with written amendments ratified by the proper procedure, not by activist judges on either side or a Living Constitution where words change meaning over time. No desire to return to the 18th century as hinted by Liam Wolfpuncher, and Abraham Lincoln is my favorite President. Liam’s not really a Confederate sympathizer, just a modern liberal twisting words behind his keyboard.
Dale Murrish November 27, 2012 at 02:47 AM
For the record, I’m part of no political machine and not a member of TCU (although I like many of their ideas), nor am I a precinct delegate. I got more involved in city politics opposing the transit center as wasteful spending (it still is), and supported Martin Howrylak for State Representative in the primary and general elections. I disagreed with some of the No Troy Recall positions on the ballot proposals. I was surprised to read about the Secretary of State’s letter in the paper just like the rest of you. This post-election November-December battle has turned out as I predicted from reading the Troy Charter and worse, since the Charter may conflict with state election law. There may yet be a February election if the state sues the city. The 3-3 tie should be obvious to everyone by now if it wasn’t already, proving my point about the struggle we’re now going through. “Non-partisan” is a non-existent non-starter in any city’s politics. People with all political views can work together to do the best thing for our city. Go back and read Kevin Elliott’s article about the new conservative majority chosen in the November 2011 election, linked from the blog post.
Sue Martin November 27, 2012 at 11:56 AM
Did you watch the meeting? There was no 3-3 anything.
How dare you, sir! For you to state that I am a "modern liberal twisting words behind his keyboard" is an insult to my good name! I do not use a keyboard! Because of a recent flare up of Kuru, I am unable to use my keyboard! Thanks to the free market, I am able use my computer via a sip-and-puff air tube! I too, believe in America's Constitution! As written and enacted in 1789! Why, sir, America was stronger when there were striated classes in this fair land, with the undesirables and women fully disenfranchised! How dare you side with that Yankee warmonger Abraham Lincoln! The Confederacy was fighting for the Constitution as written and trying to keep it out of the hands of those meddling liberals like Lincoln! Anyone with a lick of common sense knows that this country reached its pinnacle in the early 19th century! Mr. Murrish, by the grace of God, you and I will see this country restored to its former glory!
Lucille Musser Arking November 27, 2012 at 07:31 PM
Ed Kempin has all the problems of our former mayor and he is no choice for hatmony in this city.
Cathy Fucinari November 28, 2012 at 01:11 PM
I'm sorry. The 2011 and the 2010 and the 2009 elections were FULL of untruths and misrepresentations proffered by Mr. Kempen. We don't need anything from him. We didn't just go through a recall campaign because this community wants that kind of behavior from its elected officials.
Glenn November 29, 2012 at 04:29 PM
Take a look at this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=W98NUWKzabU You can get a good idea of what kind of solid financial decisions Ed Kempen would make as a city councilman. Just the other day, Mr. Kempen decided to film his home address, phone number and bank account/routing numbers and post it on the internet. Absolutely brilliant.
Cathy Fucinari November 29, 2012 at 05:24 PM
Oh my God! These people are so ignorant! They think they should post this on youtube! I hope they have shut down their bank accounts by now! This clear view of Kempen and Burke checks are up in this video. I was incredibly amused by Gosselin calling the state, talking to someone who had a call into Johnson, who was not calling him back. All the while this conversation is going on, there is a clear view of the "No Cell Phones" sign posted. The gentleman Gosselin was talking to (on speaker) says they don't give "personal advice" because they are not attorneys, and they have no idea what he should do next. Gosselin starts talking about his dialysis schedule, and he can't wait around. The incompetance of the people who think they have the qualifications to lead our community. I would like to say that natural consequences are the best teachers. However, these people don't think rules apply to them. Exposing themselves to identity theft to this degree, with ALL OF THEIR PERSONAL INFO on YOUTUBE? How much do you want to bet they will blame it all on the City of Troy, the city attorney, and the city clerk.
S.L. Gross November 29, 2012 at 08:16 PM
Oh, videos like that make me feel so much better about life. They affirm my belief that facts, wisdom and truth will prevail. These guys are like the gang who couldn't shoot straight. Filming your bank account and routing number and posting it onto youtube? We're certainly not dealing with Troy's braintrust here.
Mom December 02, 2012 at 12:49 PM
Dale, why not pick an honest person to write a blog about? It would be refreshing. We don't need to give attention to people who cheat and lie to get what they want.


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