Letter to the Editor: USA Melting Pot Club

"I always liked their mission and vision and their objective," writes Novi resident Faisal Qudrot.

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Dear Editor:

My name is Faisal Qudrot, and I am a supporter of the USA melting pot club. I've known these guys for a long time now, as I used to work in the same group with them.

While they were planning with the idea of this club I used to spend time with them to understand their thought process and their mission, as I have done similar things in the past, and I'm also actively involved in my community. I always liked their mission and vision and their objective.  

I know Dale Murish, a passionate individual who always wanted to do the right thing for the community and his country. He has his conservative beliefs, but he will always listen to other ideas and also the other faith that may or may not agree with his. But I always find him a very reasonable person with whom you can have a constructive conversation and share the other points of view. He has a good heart and a strong faith-based conviction which we/us may and may not agree with, but I never felt that he is someone you can not reason with. I wish him success and I hope his melting pot club achieve its vision.   

I appreciate your time and wish you the best.  


Faisal Qudrot

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