Hello Troy Residents,


The Troy Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals are considering a rezoning request by Troy, Senior Leasing, LLC / CIENA Healthcare.  


Recently, the Zion Christian Church Foundation Board executed a purchase agreement with Troy Senior Leasing, LLC, (CIENA Healthcare), to sell over 9 acres of its land located on the southern portion of the Troy Zion parcel located at 3668 Livernois, Troy Michigan 48083.  


The Purchaser (Troy Senior, Leasing, LLC / CIENA Healthcare owned by Mohammad Qazi) intends to construct a 112-bed skilled nursing facility on the parcel.    


The opposing local residents believe that the proposed development plans with CIENA will have a negative effect to the surrounding homes. They also do not believe it would be proper to change the residential zoning in that area to commercial.  Would you personally enjoy living next to such a facility?


We believe possible negative impacts to the neighborhoods would be as follows:


·         24 hour per day, 365 days per year operation with cars entering and exiting 24/7.


·         Bright Parking lot Lights on every night, due to the nature of the facility.

·         Increased noise from cars, people and EMS/Fire Truck Sirens transporting Patients.

·         Potential reduction of property values with this facility located near your homes.

·         Changes from residential to commercial designation at the cost to current property owners. 

·         Possible issues with people’s background not being checked before they reside at/work on at the facility, while being in close proximity to a daycare facility.  

·         Possible negative effect of the use of the City owned property to the South of the Zion Property.  Can the deeded property ever be developed for a park with commercial property of this type on its northern border?  Will this type of facility cause other problems for the future park? 

  •  Also, there will be little to no green space in the whole area of Zion and the proposed CIENA property.  What about environmental impact? Drainage?

    Many people are concerned about the above noted items.


    The only way to stop this is to show up to the Planning Commission Meeting on April 22, 2014 at 7pm.  Please also send emails to the following people asking to reject the request to rezone the property for commercial use.  


    djlkslater@aol.com; jim.campbell@troymi.gov; wade.fleming@troymi.gov; davehenderson@wideopenwest.com; ellen.hodorek@troymi.gov; ed.pennington@troymi.gov; doug.tietz@troymi.gov; 'GlennClark116@gmail.com'; b.kischnick@troymi.gov; p.evans@troymi.gov; planning@troymi.gov




    Thank you,

    Concerned Citizen


Dale Murrish April 18, 2014 at 11:03 AM
Approved, rather. Probably will be built this summer.
Concerned Citizen April 18, 2014 at 11:06 AM
Thanks for the info dale. Would you be able to support our effort in getting the word out and attending the meeting?
canseeallsides April 18, 2014 at 12:27 PM
Troy doesn't follow their current zoning rules. Along Maple Rd it is NOT zoned industrial, it was zoned special "Maple" zone to be considerate to the 70 year old residential area directly to the south. They have several businesses that break all kinds of rules and treat the area as if it is industrial. They vigorously attack anyone who questions the violations and goes against the industrial/business tax base in Troy. Please act to STOP this rezoning. Trust me from experience, once they're making the business tax level from the property, the mere little people around the area will cease to matter.
Concerned Citizen April 18, 2014 at 03:01 PM
Canseeallsides... please help us in stopping this re-zoning. We need all the people we can. Please show up to the April 22, meeting to voice your opposition, and also invite other Troy residents you know will be opposed to this. Email the people I posted above and even get signatures from neighbors!!


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