Council to Vote on Resolution Supporting Statewide K2/Spice Ban

Troy City Council will vote on the resolution during its regular meeting Monday at 7:30 p.m.

Troy City Council on a resolution supporting the statewide ban of , a dangerous synthetic substance marketed as an alternative to marijuana. Council .

“This stuff is detrimental to the health of our kids. We as a community need to do whatever it takes to eradicate it," Councilman Dave Henderson said during the meeting.

On June 7, , though it can still be sold in Troy legally.

In Troy alone, police have recently responded to a report of a after smoking K2, arrested a 19-year-old and discovered a teen .

Spice is also reportedly behind the recent found uncooperative and speaking incoherently on his lawn and the , whose body along the shore of Wing Lake in Bloomfield Township.

Most notably, , 19, of Farmington Hills is believed to have been high on synthetic marijuana in April when he attacked his family, .

Here's a look at the resolution ():

WHEREAS, Due to recent media events and education and legislation, there has been an increased public awareness of the dangers of synthetic drugs, including but not limited to Spice/ K2, bath salts, synthetic cocaine, MXE and DMAA; and

WHEREAS, The ingestion or use of these synthetic drugs can lead to any or all of the following medical conditions: death, stroke, seizure, convulsion, irreversible brain damage, catatonic behavior, tremors, speech impediments, heart palpitations, hallucinations, physical paralysis, kidney injury, panic attacks and amputations; and

WHEREAS, The ingestion or use of these synthetic drugs has recently led to violent, bizarre, destructive and harmful behavior which has led to homicide and suicide; and

WHEREAS, There are manufacturers of synthetic drugs that constantly change the chemical compositions of these substances in an effort to circumvent the definitions of controlled substances under both federal and state laws which criminalize possession, use, sale, and distribution of controlled substances, as well as driving under the influence of such synthetic substances; and

WHEREAS, These types of synthetic drugs are currently packaged as benign items and marketed in a manner that is designed to encourage our youth and other persons to purchase and consume these types of synthetic drugs, since these drugs can be found in convenience stores and over the internet; and

WHEREAS, There has been a temporary federal ban on these types of synthetic drugs due to their dangerous and addictive propensities, and there have also been recent successful efforts to pass permanent federal and state laws that address these types of synthetic drugs by including them as illegal Schedule I drugs; and

WHEREAS, The City of Troy is committed to the evisceration of these types of synthetic drugs in our community and the surrounding communities, and has actively participated with the 52-4 Judicial District Court, the City of Clawson, the Troy Community Coalition, Oakland County, Troy merchants, and the public in the education and awareness of these synthetic drugs, and many Troy merchants have pledged not to sell the these types of synthetic drugs, as evidenced by the attached press release, and as included on a website furthering this commitment, http://nospicetroyclawson.org.

NOW THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED That the City of Troy JOINS TOGETHER with many other governmental entities, businesses and non-profit organizations and task forces in pledging their support for the federal, state and local legislation and other actions that combat the use and sale of synthetic drugs such as K2, Spice, Bath Salts, and others. This includes but is not limited to pending federal legislation, pending state legislation, actions of the Oakland County Board of Health, and others.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That this Resolution shall be FORWARDED to all elected persons representing the City of Troy, requesting the exercise of all diligent efforts to combat the use and sale of these types of synthetic drugs.

JohnnyCakes January 02, 2013 at 07:10 PM
I don't think that herbal incense should be banned, because that is not the best way of keeping it from kids. If you research herbal incense online - http://smokingblendreviews.com -, you'll see that it is easy to buy, no matter what laws there are banning it.


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