Need to Know: City Council and Mayoral Candidates

Looking for information about the candidates running for Troy City Council and mayor? Here's information on each candidate.

Eight candidates on Tuesday are running for three positions on Troy City Council, as well as two additional candidates who are vying for the city's mayoral position.

The following information was provided by the League of Women Voters Troy Area:

Mayoral Candidates

Robin Beltramini

  • Married, 2 married daughters, one granddaughter; BA University of Illinois; 16-year resident; Leadership/Service: City Council since 2001 Troy Youth Assistance, Vice Chair Troy SmartZone Board, Chair Michigan Municipal League, Board of Trustees, Past President National League of Cities, Panel Chair.
  • On what to do with extra money in the future: Convene citizen forums for inputs on: restoring up to 34 police officers slated for lay-off; maintaining a 40 hour work week; increased funding for road repair and maintenance; adding back building and/or fire inspectors. Other suggestions: Citizens, leadership and staff all giving authentic, thoughtful input; Collaborative decision process City Council set policy for implementation.
  • On how to restore dignity and trust to council: Mayor sets the tone Council members value the opinion of other council members and each citizen. Don’t have to always agree. Be honest with each other. Act with respect. Be willing to spend the time necessary to feel heard. Through full deliberation, sharing and truthfulness reach a decision that is shared and sustainable. Decision making through authentic, transparent collaboration will engender trust.
  • Will you publicly support the outcome of a decision of Council if you were in the minority? Yes. I have experienced this in the past. I have had to advocate with citizens or associations for a position I felt was not in Troy’s best interest as I saw it, but it was the position City Council had taken on the matter.

Janice L. Daniels

  • Graduated Cum Laude Oakland University’s School of Business. Worked in accounting, sales, marketing, new business venture start-up; 17 years in mortgage financing. Appointed to Women’s Commission, Women’s Advisory Board; former member of Troy Chamber of Commerce. Lifetime of real world job experience in business management using excellent customer service skills.
  • On what to do with extra money in the future: Support zero baseline budgeting so city maintains as close to actual in the budgeted numbers as possible using accurate, timely, fiscally, responsible numbers so that we avoid having the City take in more of the taxpayers hard earned dollars than is needed to properly fund limited government. After making certain that our government will not default on existing obligations I would lower the following year’s millage rate and give the money back to the people.
  • On how to restore dignity and trust to council: Never hide information from taxpaying families regarding important budget decisions. Never use the library, police, or fire services as political pawns to balance the budget. Immediately acknowledge and address peoples’ concerns at council meetings. Offer expanded public comment time. Encourage interactive communication between the council and the people who have elected us to work for them. Actively seek out involvement from the true leaders of this community – The business professionals, the taxpayers and their families.
  • Will you publicly support the outcome of a decision of Council if you were in the minority? I will have specific criteria to follow in making important council decisions: Will the action being taken limit government interference and support the health of the business community or the well being of taxpaying residents and their families who support the community? If a decision does not meet my criteria I will remain true to my principles and stand against the majority while clearly and respectfully explaining to the people my reasons for doing so.

Council Candidates

Bruce Bloomingdale

  • Structural Steel Field Superintendent (retired). Responsible for multi-million dollar projects (all completed on time, under budget, and without loss of life). Coach soccer and active in community projects (like Save Troy Library). I’m passionate about Troy and possess the leadership and listening skills necessary to make a positive difference.
  • On what to do with extra money in the future: Ensure that our emergency fund balance remains at a level that safeguards our AAA bond rating. -Put a police officer back in each of our high schools. -Re-establish the 24-hour snow removal protocol. Establish library funding that returns it to world-class status. Put the necessary staff in place to assist City Council to aggressively pursue business enterprise development. This is a critical step in returning Troy to financial health.
  • On how to restore dignity and trust to council: Troy City Council has struggled because they have not been able to reconcile their differences and to find solutions that represent the best interests of all of Troy’s citizens. I have spent many months listening to the residents of Troy and I know that common ground is attainable. To get us through these difficulties, I will foster open and honest dialogue, guide us toward attainable goals, and encourage every voice to be heard.
  • Will you publicly support the outcome of a decision of Council if you were in the minority? Absolutely -- that’s what teamwork and democracy are all about. Being on a team means you must trust one another enough to be able to yield occasionally to the wisdom of the team. Exceptions to this framework would come about, however, if I thought the decision violated any laws, ethical standards, or endangered the best interests of our city and its inhabitants.

James Campbell

  • I am managing Director Future Tool & Machine Inc. Past business ownership BA from Northwood University (Summa Cum Laude) Troy Citizen Academy Graduate. Community involvement: Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, TBB, Troy High Band Member. Brownfield Redevelopment Committee Strong background: management, strategy development, negotiations and team building.
  • On what to do with extra money in the future: I think road maintenance budget would be high on my list. This effort has been majorly underfunded for a few years. The target would be to bring our roads up to at least “good” condition. Clearly, the timeline for snow removal in the city would also need to be addressed. I would also examine potential future development of the Troy Trails system to tie into Oakland County Pathways and the Macomb Orchard Trail.
  • On how to restore dignity and trust to council: Provide an experienced professional and common since voice to the council. Strive to eliminate the negative, non-value added, conversations and topics. Take time to listen to all sides of an issue for the citizens of Troy, who are truly the ultimate decision makers. I commit to be proactive, transparent, respectful and honest at all times. “I can do no more and will not settle for less.”
  • Will you publicly support the outcome of a decision of Council if you were in the minority? I understand the council will not agree on every issue. As a normal course of business I will clearly present my position and reasoning on issues. Should the majority of the council made a decision on an issue that is contrary to my position, I will not publicly undermine the council’s decision, so long as I believe the decision will not be a serious detriment to the welfare of the city and its citizens.

Allen D'Aoust

  • United States Army, retired Sergaent; Licensed paramedic; Served in combat Afghanistan 2008-2009; Married over 13 years to a lifelong Troy resident; Over 20 years experience as a leader in hospitals, emergency medical services, and the United States Army. Personal values of honesty, integrity and loyalty.
  • On what to do with extra money in the future: Based upon the current budget crisis and recent library fiasco, I believe the city needs to save every penny. Non-essential services need to be cut and a strict budget needs to be enforced. The city must stop spending money on outside consulting firms and solve the problem themselves. Services directly benefitting citizens such as snow removal and the police department need to be restored immediately.
  • On how to restore dignity and trust to council: Personal integrity is the key to public integrity and the current city council lacks candidates with those qualifications. As a married church going man with four children and as a soldier I lead by example. This city needs that to restore its integrity. Lets get Troy back to the city of tomorrow today. Loyalty, honesty and integrity – that’ s what’ s missing in the candidates today. I will restore that and restore this city.
  • Will you publicly support the outcome of a decision of Council if you were in the minority? The council should project unity and as long as my personal integrity is not compromised, I believe we should stand as one. Dissention among the ranks is too common and the people of the city of Troy deserve better. As council, we should stand together to project strength and unity so that we can return Troy to the shining example of a city it once was.

Amin Hashmi

  • Happily married to Nudrat Jehan for 17 years -Proud father of three kids -Served Troy for over ten years -Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Wayne State University. Previously served as a research engineer in Boeing and Maritime Engineer on international vessels. Employed at General Motors as Vehicle Safety Performance Engineer.
  • On what to do with extra money in the future: Hopefully, extra money come from lower expenses and revenues and not from millage increase. Add police staff, restore fire protection services, improve roads and provide rapid snow removal. Enhance services to senior citizens. Invest in green initiatives to attract energy companies. -Provide relief to the incubator companies. -Increase library hours and restore some of the recreation and sports programs. I will use the voter’s survey response to prioritize improvement.
  • On how to restore dignity and trust to council: People lost trust due to partisan politics and unfavorable policies. Although elections are nonpartisan, parties influence can be seen. It’s high time to elect independent and fresh leadership who are accountable only to Troy residents. To restore trust, there must be frank and open dialog with the citizens. To regain dignity, transparency on budgetary matters is crucial. To understand the public’s voice, council members should attend homeowner’s association annual meetings.
  • Will you publicly support the outcome of a decision of Council if you were in the minority? As a councilman, I will ensure the decisions made by the council are community friendly. If the council is divided, I will pursue the nonpartisan path and act as a mediator since I am an independent candidate. On critical issues like the library, I will prefer hearing the public’s opinion through public poll services via phone or internet. I will support the decision of the council as long as it fulfills citizen’s aspirations.

David Henderson

  • Realtor, Real Estate One, Troy; Owned and sold a successful business in Troy; 15 years starting new franchises, Ziebart Corporation, Troy. In a 33 year career, I’ve analyzed numerous budgets. I value fiscal responsibility in both good and bad economic times. Husband 30 years, father and grandfather of five.
  • On what to do with extra money in the future: Any overages in the city coffers is the peoples money. I’ll make sure the budget is balanced with full disclosure to the taxpayers. Council voted in November 2009 to keep a 15% fund balance for emergencies. Currently there is well over 17% in the fund balance. I’ll make sure that balance stays at 15%, any overages should be returned to the people via refund or an adjusted tax rate.
  • On how to restore dignity and trust to council: This council has allowed a shell game to be played with the budget for almost 2 years. I was told by three council members there was not irrefutable proof a millage increase was needed, yet one that is currently running for elected office, voted yes anyway. Then council spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing efforts and special elections to “prove” to the people they needed a tax increase. I won’t allow that behavior.
  • Will you publicly support the outcome of a decision of Council if you were in the minority?  The council votes as a body. I may not like the outcome on certain issues, but certainly appreciate the governing bodies purpose. I’ll let my dissenting vote speak for itself on those issues. This is a far different issue than being a concerned citizen speaking out against the governing bodies decisions over the past two years. That is the right of the people.

Edward Kempen

  • Troy resident for 21 years. MBA-Oakland University, BS-Industrial Engineering. Twenty-two years experience in automotive, information technology, and health care industries. City government experience – Troy BZA, Troy Advisory Committee for Citizens with Disabilities, Taxpayer Protection Amendment, Petition to keep library open with no new taxes.
  • On what to do with extra money in the future: When it is certain that Troy’s fortunes are turning around, I would support returning a portion of the recent tax hike back to taxpayer and continue investment in projects to enhance our city. Some redevelopment projects should be undertaken, park improvement projects, and modernization of our library. Pathways project should be reintroduced as it will contribute to the character and support future growth in our city.
  • On how to restore dignity and trust to council: It is sad, but the public just doesn’t believe council anymore. They don’t trust numbers, they feel they’ve been threatened to push an unnecessary tax increase. To restore confidence we need to ensure we truly listen for the residents voice and work with flexible options to make decisions. Fiscal transparency will do well for the public. I will guarantee budget flexibility that will put the public interest ahead of special interests.
  • Will you publicly support the outcome of a decision of Council if you were in the minority? While serving on the Troy Board of Zoning Appeals, I didn’t support every decision reached, but we as a group supported the process, discussed the issues in good faith, and reached conclusions to serve the public interest. We didn’t elaborate on issues after a decision. I would do the same when serving on council. If the council works in good faith to reach decisions, even tough decisions, neither the public nor minority should be offended.

Doug Tietz

  • Business owner, home owner, and taxpayer. Doug and his wife Amy moved to Troy shortly after getting married. Member of: Michigan Taxpayers Alliance, Toastmasters International, and Troy Community Coalition. Doug and Amy attend Our Shepherd Lutheran Church. Doug Tietz is a graduate of the University of Michigan.
  • On what to do with extra money in the future: Over and over again, citizens have been threatened that core services will be cut unless they passed a millage increase. If a surplus of taxes was, “discovered” I would ask for an investigation. Residents are cynical of the City and the budgets that they present to the public because they don’t believe they are getting the full story. We need more openness. The spending priorities are simple: police, fire, snow removal, and roads.
  • On how to restore dignity and trust to council: Stop the hysterics that certainly don’t belong in local government. Stop threatening to cut core services (police, fire, snow removal) every time there are difficult budget decisions. Publish the city’s check register online. Publish all salaries and benefits by job category online. Publish all city contracts, including labor contracts, online. Treat resident and businesses with respect they deserve.
  • Will you publicly support the outcome of a decision of Council if you were in the minority? I will not determine whether I will publicly support, or oppose, a decision based on whether I’m in the majority or minority. Residents are tired of candidates that promise one thing and then change their opinion when they see that they will be in the minority. My job is not to wait to see what is popular. My job is to represent the residents and their concerns in a respectful, thoughtful manner.

Neil Yashinsky

I work as a Technical Consultant for an eCommerce Software company. I own a small business that specializes in Internet marketing. I work as an election precinct chair. I am a co-founder of Troy Residents United for a Strong Troy or TRUST. I enjoy coaching for Troy Youth Soccer League/Birmingham YMCA.

  • On what to do with extra money in the future: We need to ensure that our police force is fully staffed. I would follow the ICMA recommendations and not lay off an additional 7 officers, and I would rehire the 4 who were recently laid off. Ideally we could find a way to restore Saturday service at the library.
  • On how to restore dignity and trust to council: I believe it is imperative to have a city council that is not only effective, but professional and dignified. I cannot control the actions of others on the City Council, only my own. I promise to conduct the people of Troy’s business in a way in which people can be proud.
  • Will you publicly support the outcome of a decision of Council if you were in the minority? While on the Council I will work to find consensus on the most important issues facing the city. If the Council takes an approach that is not my preferred approach, but will have a positive outcome for the city I will support it. If I believe the actions will be harmful to the interests of the city than I cannot and will not support it.
Audre Zembrzuski November 07, 2011 at 05:46 PM
Good Afternoon, if you did not live here or do not recall, the council voting themselves a pension (excluding one person), at a council meeting. Then they voted to have the people vote them in a raise at another election. It didn't make it because Martin Hawrylak ran for council that year and told everyone. The people called the city and went to the next council meeting and the next thing you knew, they voted the pension out. This pension was one that no company has ever had and you would be paying them a pension today if it weren't for Mr. Howrylak telling everyone. He won by a landslide that year- more votes than any other councilman and so many of you got up at a meeting and tore him apartment. Most of you would be selling your homes if it were not for him. And if you want a good Mayor, Janice is the person for that. She is for the Taypayer all the way, and she didn't want the Library closed anymore than I did. Money was there and you can see all that is getting done around Troy now that they are using it. As for Michele, I wish she would get a job in her own city, a lot of us would like that a lot better. I have been to different Chambers and none have been run like this one and I don't believe they should not have anything to do with any of the elections or giving their advice on who to vote for. The people of Troy are smart, they can read all the flyers, they do not need the Chambers help. or advice.
Kevin Elliott November 07, 2011 at 07:53 PM
I've spoken to Janice Daniels and Troy Chamber President Michele Hodges about the membership in question. It may be open to some interpretation, but in essence, individuals aren't considered members of the Chamber, but rather businesses are members. Janice Daniels informed me today that she joined the Chamber in 2002 as a Realtor with Century 21 Town and Country. The Chamber states its records reflect Century 21 Town and Country being a member from 2002 to 2005. Janice Daniels confirmed she dropped membership at that time. It may be a matter of semantics, but as I understand it, individuals aren't considered members. So, in essence, nobody could be an individual member, but rather a representative of the business that is a member.
Cathy Fucinari November 08, 2011 at 01:29 PM
That is not the only inaccuracy in her statements. She supported the millage for the library??? for example. Not until she was running for office.
Cathy Fucinari November 08, 2011 at 01:33 PM
She's for the taxpayer all the way? Penny wise and pound foolish, as my mom used to say! The people of Troy are smart. We just need to convince those smart ones to get out to vote so that the entire population of the city is represented. They don't need the chamber, but the businesses do, and they represent a significant chunk of the taxpayers in Troy.
Linda November 08, 2011 at 06:56 PM
Audre, I don't know if you were or still are a member of the Chamber. I am a current member and can't say enough about Michele. This city owes a lot to the Chamber for its community involvement in attracting businesses to the city. I consider the Chamber an advertising arm, not only of my business, but also of our fine city. You would hard pressed to find a Chamber that does so much for a community as the Troy Chamber of Commerce. It is one thing to go to chamber events, it is another to be a member and be involved in the integral part of it. Also, anyone can put out a flyer to be read. It is the flyer's content that needs to be questioned. Just because a candidate says it is so, doesn't make it true. One should question every bit of political literature and do their homework before making an informed decision. You keep bringing up issues that have been resolved and are over and done with, i.e., pensions for city council. The past is important when it comes to current issues and the history behind them and the candidates. However, if we are to be "The City of Tomorrow, Today" we need to look at the future.


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